The 2017 plein air took place this autumn in the last week of September:

We were lucky with the weather and the location was an oasis – plenty of space inside and out, large garden with views and jetty on the Piansee. The "vanishing points" - this year's theme – were practically on the doorstep! The whole house was available to 10 painters and their guests!

Thanks to Ilja as a cook, we did not have to worry about our physical well-being and were surprised every day again, which served them again delicious new. No wonder we all went to the meals every day to feast and talk,

which was a special treat and challenge as we wanted to include the English-speaking participants! Of course, this also colored our work, as it was characterized by a friendly, accommodating atmosphere in which everyone could paint according to his own face, without competing pressure, only committed to his own will to express. This, we think, was also reflected in the successful exhibition in the harbor gallery in Neustrelitz, which we hung on Friday (many thanks to Siv and Horst Rathenow) to open it on Saturday. Each painter could be represented with four to five representative works. Afflicted was only that our co-organizer Nikolai because of illness had to cancel his stay so early that he could not enjoy the fruits of preparation.

In the evening we celebrated the good week at the campfire with grilled venison, delicious salads and various beers and said goodbye, because on Sunday the return journey had to start. Now the rain and the cold weather were allowed to come, which promptly happened on Sunday, but only to enhance the contrast to the many beautiful hours we had during the pleinair. That we, as organizers of this non-profit company, were also glad that we did not miscalculate, is mentioned only incidentally; on the contrary, a calendar print with this year's works is back on.

Now we are looking forward to the next plein air 2018 on Ascension in Himmelpfort in the same place and gallery itself, in the hope that once again find around 12 painters, this time under the theme "points of view" bring their colors in friendly circle to sound ,

Marko Fenske, Nikolai Kraneis, Diether Münchgesang